Hands And Feet

With all our manicure and pedicures listed below you will receive
a complimentary nail polish of your choice.

File & Polish Without colour £15
File & Polish With colour £17
Manicure £25
French manicure £28
Deluxe Manicure Including Paraffin wax £33
Pedicure £33
French Pedicure £38
Deluxe Pedicure Including Paraffin wax £43
IBX Nail Treatment 1st application £17
IBX Nail Treatment 2nd application £7

Gel Nails
Gel Colour £26
Gel French £27
Gel Removal £11

Hard Gel
Overlay on natural nail with colour £37
Nail extension with colour £52

*Courses of treatments can be bought at a discount. See gift vouchers page